Ordering Instructions


Paypal ordering instructions step 1.


When you click on the "Add to Cart" PayPal button, you will then see a page like shown above with a "Quantity" button that gives you the option to order more than one sign if you want.


Paypal ordering instructions step 2.


On the right side of the page will be a box that gives you the option to "Check out with PayPal" or to "Check Out without a PayPal account.




Paypal ordering instructions step 3.


If you choose the first option and click on the button that says "PayPal Check out" then you'll see a page like shown above to log in with your PayPal information.



Paypal ordering instructions step 4.


You will then see a screen like shown above that has a big heading that says "Ship to" with your name and address above a link next to shipping that says "Priority." If you click on "Priority" you will see a new page shown below



Paypal ordering instructions step 5.


with two options to click on either "Store Pickup - $0.00 USA" or Priority - $ (price of shipping)." Click the button you want and then click "Continue." You will then see the "Pay Now" page to complete your order.




Paypal ordering instructions guest check out.


If in the beginning when you clicked on the "Add to Cart" button, on the next page if you choose "Check Out Pay without a PayPal account" you will then see a page like shown above that asks for information to pay with credit card. After you fill in your "Billing Address" and click you will see the option under "Shipping" that says "Select a shipping method" that gives you the choice between "Store Pickup - $0.00 USD" or Priority - ($ amount of shipping).


Thank you for your order!

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