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Impact Printing is a full-service provider of LAWN SIGN printing.

Impact Printing lawn signs are printed on 4 mm thick opaque plastic. The opaque plastic means that the printing on one side of the signs doesn't show through to the other side of the sign. The makes you sign easier to read.

USA Flag FlyingThe signs that Impact Printing produces are 100% made in United States, manufactured locally in Minnesota. Everything that goes into the making of signs at Impact Printing is made in America, including the plastic, the ink, the stands, and even the machines that the signs are printed on are made in America!

There is a 2 year warranty on the ink on the lawn signs manufactured by Impact Printing, and a 4 year warranty on the plastic in the signs. This means that your lawn signs are high quality signs that can be reused while still looking nice over time.

Impact Printing lawn signs are affordable and competitively priced.

Our lawn signs are available with sturdy metal stands, also made in United States.

Impact Printing specializes in the following sizes of lawn signs:

The 18" x 24" size lawn signs.

The 24" x 48" size lawn signs.

The 48" x 48" size lawn signs.

The 48" x 96" size lawn signs.

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Lawn Sign Printer At Impact Printing Saint Paul Minnesota
The Renegade Press Inside Impact Printing On Rice Street In Saint Paul, Minnesota


The big Renegade Flatbed Graphics Press that Impact Printing uses produces large size lawn signs with exceptional clear and crisp quality text and images. Your lawn signs look great up close, as well as at a distance. The Renegade produces exceptional results by allowing pressure to be focused on the image area. The Renegade features cutting-edge microprocessor technology and sophisticated operator controls. This professional printing equipment operated by the master printers at Impact Printing ensures printing results that you will be pleased with.


A Renegade Press Similar To The One Impact Printing Uses


Saturn Press For Printing Lawn Signs At Impact Printing Saint Paul Minnesota

The Saturn brand press is perfect for printing lawn signs.

The Saturn Flatbed Graphics Press that Impact Printing uses sets the standard for high tolerance printing in a relatively compact press, with a level of control and quality normally found only in large expensive presses. It is ideal for applications where absolute precision is critical, delivering exceptional results. The Saturn Press is a perfect combination of speed, efficiency, flexibility, and print quality.


The Renegade Press Is Used At Impact Printing St. Paul For Printing High Quality Lawn Signs


The experts at Impact Printing will help you decide the best printing press and methods for your specific printing project, for quality and cost effectiveness. Contact Impact Printing for all your printing needs.

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